• İş Tecrübesi

    2006 - Present

    Lawyer at Isiktac & Atabay Law Firm, Istanbul

    2004 - 2006

    Executive Vice President at Fortis Bank A.Ş., Istanbul

    2003 - 2004

    Lawyer at Isiktac Law Firm, Istanbul

    1997 - 2003

    General Counsel at Denizbank A.S., Istanbul

    1988 - 1997

    Director at Interbank A.S., Istanbul

  • Yayınlar


    Law for Bankers in Practice, 2nd Print

    The book aimed to provide practical legal information to bankers to help them solve their daily legal problems. Some of the topics that the book covers are; various types of bank accounts, loans and loan agreements, letter of guarantees, letter of credits, credit cards, warrantees, pledges and hypothecations and other types of debt assurances, assignment of the receivables.


    Executive Vice President at Fortis Bank A.Ş., Istanbul

  • Eğitim

    1978 - 1982

    Istanbul University

    Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

  • Uzmanlık ve Yetenekler

    Banking Law Corporate Law Finance Law Insurance Law Companies Law Corporate Governance Mergers and Acquisitions Establishment of Banks and Other Financial Institutions Legal Advice Commercial Litigation Due Diligence Securities Regulation Contracts Law Consumer Law

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    Contracts Law Banking Law Consumer Law Referee at Journal of the Banking Association of Turkey Article 68 of the Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code Article 89 of the Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code History of Banking in Turkey Lease Agreement Intellectual Property Comprehension of the Moral of the Capitalist System Freedom Globalization Electronic Signature Concordat

  • Diller

    Turkish English