Practice Areas
Banking & Finance Law

In addition to serving banks and financial corporations, we are experienced in representing the shareholders and clients of those institutions. We provide training sessions and lectures to bank employees, The Banks Association of Turkey and Participation Banks Association of Turkey as well as other governmental and private organizations.

Our clientele includes commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, leasing, factoring and fintech companies. Our banking practice includes counseling on issues related to banks and financial organizations, preparation of legal opinions on loan agreements, guarantees and surety documents as well as restructuring.

Dispute Resolution

  • Litigation and Arbitration

We represent clients before arbitral tribunals and before all levels of domestic courts, mainly regarding the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. We have represented numerous corporations and individuals in a wide variety of cases related to commercial, tax, administrative, shareholder, insurance and banking disputes.

We are strong believers in ADR! Having represented clients in diverse international and national arbitration cases, we have also represented individual and corporate clients in pre-dispute and post-dispute matters as negotiators. Our clientele also includes a prominent insurance company for whom we provided a settlement service.

We are currently pursuing academic studies in the field of ADR to better mediate conflicts in our jurisdiction.

  • Execution and Bankruptcy

We handle litigation related to collection and enforcement law. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes by taking a commercial approach for our clients in a prompt and business minded manner.

Criminal Law

We have dealt with many criminal cases in the capacity of lawyers for the defense for numerous cases, some of which received much media attention. Our partner Mr. Adil ATABAY has 30 years of experience in criminal law and has served in some cases related to white collar crimes, major crimes and military crimes, amongst others.

Investment Funds

Having strong connections and relations with several EU based law firms, management companies and depositories, we advise on a wide spectrum of fund structures and their regulatory and commercial approaches. We provide a one-stop-shop for the full funds lifecycle with the support of our specialized team. Our services include advising on structuring and supporting fund formation, including the provision of registered office and company secretarial services to advising on regulations (including fund licensing and automatic exchange of information, corporate governance and investor disputes.)

We also advise on the management of liquidity and business interruptions, strategic investor arrangements and fund wind-down and termination.

Corporate and M&A

We serve banks, financial corporations, and small- to mid-sized companies on a regular basis. Our service is known as the “external in-house counsel service”. We aim to address all the legal needs of our clients by providing consultancy in business development, contract drafting and negotiation, compliance, debt collection and employment issues, amongst others.

We have lawyers who have experience in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, company establishments, corporate finance, securities, private equity and venture capital transactions. Our clientele is diversified including public and private companies, commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, fleet management and financial services companies and private individuals. Our priority is to determine our clients’ needs and deciding on best legal structures that meet the commercial objectives and comply with legislations.

Employment & Labor Law

We provide contract drafting, negotiation and dispute resolution (including ADR). Our advice also includes post termination restrictions, employee related effects of company restructurings and resolution of upper management level disputes. We engage in social responsibility projects and make special arrangements for employment disputes of skilled women workers in Turkey.

We are one of the first law firms that implemented mediation procedures to employment disputes in Turkey. Now that the Employment Courts Law mandates mediation prior to employment litigation we hope to carry this experience further.

Insurance Law

We have represented insurance companies as well as individuals and corporations in their disputes with insurance companies.

We believe that insurance disputes are one of the most suitable areas for ADR solutions. For disputes against insurance companies, we regularly implement negotiation and settlement techniques as well as arbitration services provided by the Insurance Arbitration Commission. We have settled hundreds of claims through a temporary settlement service provided to a major insurance company.

Family Law

We handle many family and inheritance law matters, including those with elements of foreignness.