About Us

Işıktaç & Atabay is a law firm providing litigation, ADR and consultancy services. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, we serve a wide range of clients, most of whom are foreign investors operating in Turkey.

We are particularly experienced in banking and finance law, corporate law and commercial disputes. Our managing partner has 30 years of experience in banking and we currently serve banks and other financial institutions, contractors, medium to large sized corporations as well as the shareholders and owners of those institutions. We also are involved in start-up projects and direct foreign investments made in Turkey.

We provide various corporate services. We can incorporate a Turkish company and assist you in convening a general assembly meeting or settling a shareholder dispute. We can also provide services ranging from compliance to contract drafting and regular consultancy services.

We also offer services related to criminal law. Our criminal department is led by one of our partners who has 30 years of experience in criminal law practice and has been a defendant counsel in various high-profile criminal cases.

Through our local business partners and of-counsels, we provide service in administrative law, intellectual property law, and family law, to mention only a few.

Our clients are always our top priority! We abide by internationally accepted codes of ethics. Beyond that, we employ a wide variety of ADR services to shorten the processes and minimize expenses that our clients may incur. We have attorneys trained in ADR processes, ranging from arbitration and mediation to negotiation.